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As One

My eyes are closing

I still can see my People suffering

As they deny our legitimacy as human presence

We, sons of God. We’re fighting for Conscience.

Some of us come over and shine

They pave the way and cross the line

Like small stones on the mile to keep the hope alive

Showing us what we can accomplish when we strive

Then comes the Call…Through Truth and Love, Wisdom and Faith

Inviting the People to walk and struggle together

The road back to our living style, Culture and feeling stronger

Working the World to dominate in our own Kingdom

For the pride more than the simple act of freedom

Rising our fist as the real flag of unity of the whole community

We settle a new era of peace in our Soul and Mind for dignity

Where our uniform will be a sign of respect and honour

My eyes are closing for the last time, on my inner mirror

But I know that my People will rise again…

As One

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