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Freedom, Trade Fighters

We don’t want to be World Trade slave no more
They took us by surprise
Broke the veil of our hospitality
Rapting first Raping then
By fist and fierce
We were Warriors ready to fight them
They asked us for help and trade
They ruined our confidence in gods and God
With gifts and tricks between us
how dare can they say that they sailed the world before us
When we travel every time without ships
So we worshiped the almighty God
And believed we still need to enter their mercurial and colonial battle
Amazons, Buffalos, Lions, Panthers and so one
Soldiers of the elite went on work in the “New world”
The shrines of the Souls resting
And now? What has been changed?
From the beginning to 2020 AD and 1441 HG
The need to be taken at the right Time
For the sentences without continuous mode
We don’t want to be World Trade slave no more
2000 must be a Black era!

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